Immigration, IELTS

Visa King is a leader in IELTS coaching. We, at Visa King IELTS Institute, not just focus on teaching IELTS but teaching English to our students. For us every student is important and their goal is our goal.

Our experienced and qualified Trainers work in quality direction by analysing the needs of each and every student and cater them accordingly. We believe every student has a calibre of achieving their dreams just the right guidance is required to make them meet their goals. We target towards producing quality English Speakers with their desired band scores in their hands to accomplish their dreams.

Our Mission is to provide affordable and quality training to our candidates in a congenial environment to help them excel their language skills and to overcome their communication barriers. Our training programs are crafted in such a way that it gives sufficient practice to the students in techniques required for taking the IELTS Test with full confidence. Our focused training programs give the candidates enough grounding to obtain high scores in IELTS.


This test is designed for the people who seek to apply for higher education or for professional registration in an English Speaking Country. IELTS Academics test assesses if the applicant is ready to start studying or training in English Speaking Environment.


This test is for those people who want to migrate to English Speaking Countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK.



  • Time duration:Approximately 30 mins + 10mins to write the answers.
  • Number of questions:Vary from 38 to 42 including multiple choices, labelling, sentence completion and more.
  • Sections of Test:Four sections with recorded monologues and conversations of native English Speakers.
  • Purpose:Examiner will be assessing candidate’s ability to understand the factual information, opinions and judge your aptness to follow the conversation


  • Time duration:11-14 minutes.
  • Number of questions:Depends on the examiner.
  • Sections:It has 3 sections that is Introduction section, cue card section and follow up section that includes discussion between examiner and the candidate related to topic.
  • Purpose:This component is developed to assess candidate’s proficiency over spoken English


  • Time duration:60 minutes.
  • Number of questions:It consists of 40 questions.
  • Sections:It includes 3 long passages taken from books, journals and newspapers.
  • Purpose:It is designed to test your reading skills through a range of content. Reading main ideas, going through details, skimming, logical arguments, finding gist, understanding the writer’s opinion and attitude is the purpose of reading module.


  • Time duration:60 minutes.
  • Number of questions:2 tasks are assigned in this module.
  • Two tasks are given:
    • Task 1 requires to be written for at least 150 words explaining a table, chart or a diagram.
    • Task 2 requires the candidate to write an essay of at least 250 words.