What makes new Zealand a perfect tourist destination?

  1. Beautiful sandy beaches and rainforest
  2. Mountains, glaciers, lakes and even volcanoes to view and explore
  3. Temperate climate throughout the year
  4. Vast open plains and thermal wonderlands
  5. Safe and secure for tourist
  6. Clean and sanitized environment and surrounding
  7. The 30% of land area is dedicated to national parks
  8. Low population density offers you a divine peace and calmness in the beautiful valleys and wide open farmlands and spaces.\

Documents required:-

  1. Original passport with 6 months validity from date of arrival in New Zealand + Old Passports if any.
  2. 2 photos 35mm X 45mm, white background matt finish.80 % face Size
  3. Visa Application Forms.
  4. Covering letter mentioning details of travel, applicant and duration of stay.
  5. Hotel Confirmation.
  6. Tour Itinerary.
  7. Air Tickets
  8. IT Returns / Form 16 for last 3 years.
  9. Original personal bank statements for last 6 months with bank seal & sign on each and every page. Please note: if you are funding your own visit, you must demonstrate you have at least NZ$1,000 for each month you intend to be in New Zealand (or NZ$400 per month if you have prepaid your accommodation).
  10. International Credit card copy and statements with limits.
  11. Salary Slips for last 03 months if employed
  12. Job Confirmation letter. if employed
  13. Original Leave letter from Employer/School/College.
  14. Company registration proof e.g. Shop ACt/MOA/Deed etc. – if self employed.
  15. Retire letter/ pension order – if retired
  16. Student id/ bonafide from school/college – if student

1) All the financial docs of the visa application should be notarized by    advocate..
2) All documents not in English must be translated by a translation service.

Visa Fees: INR 9150/- per person.
Visa Processing Time: 10-15 Working Days