I am so happy . Today i got my IELTS score. I achieved overall 6 bands and all the credit goes to VISAKING. Initially I hesitate to speak in English but they build my self confidence by encouraging and also the mirror speaking helped me alot. The staff is very friendly and focused each mistake i did in modules. Then the mock tests every weekend helped alot so that we will be confident on the day of exam and I was.

Thank You




I am very happy with my result and was really satisfied with preparations. In first week, concept clearing classes were provided. In writing and speaking module teachers helped me to gain confidence and also corrected my mistakes. I achieved 7.0 bands and I really appreciate the efforts of teachers.

Thank You




I am Vaninder pal singh. I am very happy today,because I got 7 bands in my exam. It is all because of guidance and hardwork of my teachers. The staff is very cooperative and highly qualified.Firstly , I was not so good in speaking and writing, then I improved a lot after visiting. Visa king and I took coaching for about 1.5 months. they provide individual attention and all the students get extra class for free near the exam. I got highest [8 Band] in listening.

{Listening[8.0}     {Reading[7.5}    {Writing[6.5}      {Speaking[6.0}      {Overall band score[7.0}    {CEFR level[c1}

Thank You




I am extremely happy today. Today was my ilets result and I scored(7.5bands) and all because of the guidance and teaching I got from visa king . I was really scored  of the exam before visiting Visa king. But they built in my confidence I was locking and with their excellent support, brilliant guidance. I  managed to score awesome  bands . with their corporation, even providing extra classes I scored 7.5 bands in just 1.5 months and I really appreciate that.

{Listening[9.0}   {Reading[8.0}  {writing[6.0}   {Speaking[6.0}

{overall band score[7.5}  {CEFR[c1}

Thank you




My name is Paritosh  kumar.  I also had dreamed of studying abroad. I was very confused about   selecting the best ielts. Teaching institute and then I select  visa king global education. I am extreme happy with the choice I made as it provide the best education from par-excellence teachers which helped me achieve 7 bands  in my lelts .I would surely recommend this  institute as I think this is the best institute a student can get.

{Listening[7.5}  {Reading[8.0}   {writing[6.0}   {Speaking[6.5}    {Overall band score[7.0}  {CEFR level[c1}

Thank you




I am purnima Sharma from delhi. My experience with visa king institute was very good. My course was of one month and   with the help  of all the staff. I got 6.5 band overall .I was very worried about my   career even they helped me by giving  me proper direction and guiding me. Overall the institute was very good , no institute provides us full day  demo class, which is provided here the division of classes is done in three levels ,keep in us focused on our goal and where we are standing .  all  the teachers are very corporative and helpful. They tell us all the things even they provide question ( practice  paper) for hope so that me can practice. Ambience was too good and discipline. Even nent year, I would like my brother to join the institute. I am thankful to all the staff members for my results.

{Listening[6.5}   {Reading[6.5}   {Writing[6.0}   {Speaking[6.0}   {overall band score[6.5}   {CEFR[b2}

Thank you